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Emerge is a company working at the intersection of neuroscience and immersive computing aiming to redefine the concept of teleportation.

Our first product transmits our sense of touch from a distance, bringing presence and emotion to augmented experiences by mapping a tactile layer onto 3D projections/holograms in real time, and allowing users to physically feel and interact with bare hands in an XR telepresence experience.


Mmuze helps take the experience of an in store associate and brings it online. Now the latest product information, style, beauty and recipe recommendations are all available to customers online, in app, or via smart speaker through one consistent cross platform experience.

No scrolling, or filtering required. Instead a virtual personal shopping assistant waits to ask and answer all of the most relevant questions, guiding them through the ultimate online shopping experience via natural language two-way dialog.


Construction management software that uses drone imagery to help project teams make data-driven decisions in real time.


Harri offers a next-generation software technology platform that helps hospitality businesses build, manage, and engage their teams. With more than 30 modules, the platform provides solutions for talent acquisition, employer branding, applicant tracking, scheduling, time & attendance, communications, compliance, and analytics. Harri works with the best brands in the UK to provide a best in class solution that helps solve for the labor-related challenges that plague the hospitality industry. Harri is a global brand with offices in the UK, NYC and the Middle East and was recently named one of the 2018 Top Startups by LinkedIn.


Arctop was founded in San Francisco, California in 2016 by neuroscientist Dan Furman, Ph.D., and software engineer Eitan Kay to create brain technology that expands human abilities and endows intelligent cyber-physical systems with an empathic connection to humankind. In 2017 Arctop opened its R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

By establishing a new channel of communication between brain and machine that is sensitive to personal point of view, Arctop aims to deliver human-centric technology that makes us all happier, smarter, and healthier.


The mobile ecosystem is suffering from unchecked automated bots that are harming apps on an immense scale. Apps of all kinds are at risk of having their entire user experience hijacked for fraudulent purposes, whether it’s a gaming app having its in-game economy ruined or an e-commerce app experiencing a huge leak of financial information.


At the core of Wethos, we aim to unlock the power of people coming together to work on tough problems, and today’s rapidly evolving problems challenge the efficacy of the traditional operating system.

With a workforce that’s increasingly remote, flexible, diverse, and craving meaning, we have to reconsider how and why people do work together.